Last Colonies

    As a specie, humans are not as well prepared as many animals to endure adverse climatic conditions. We have been able over time to protect ourselves and adapt to the majority of climates on Earth.

Accelerating our consumption, growth and development has a cost: unbalance the subtile, fragile and unpredictable equilibrum of Nature, which has remained quite stable so far.


    In the case of a hypothetical global cataclysm, the human specie could have to adapt to survive in hostile environments.


   For my series Last Colonies, I travelled to many parts of the world to present a consistent group of photographies showing a small human shelter overwhelmed by the immensity of The surrounding landscape. The composition is the same across the whole series to highlight the fact that the struggle of people having to flee cities in the case of a hypothetical future cataclysm would be the same across the world: whichever continent, state or citizenship.

    The Planet Earth doesn't belong to anyone but everyone has to act as its existence depend upon himself.

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