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"Art is the lie that enables us to realize the truth" - Pablo Picasso

I am a landscape photographer based in Barcelona, Spain.

In order to give a powerful sense to my photographs, I exclusively organize my work in series with consistent, deep and relevant messages especially regarding the relationship between humans and Mother Nature, consequently to raise awareness about environment-related issues. Art is so powerful, it should be used as a weapon to fight noble causes.

In a society where we have lost most part of our connection with wilderness, our daily life is thermostated, pre-calibrated and never challenges us out of our comfort zone. We are one of the very few species on Earth to have lost this connection and yet, we are the specie that unbalances the most the fragile equilibrium of this planet.

In my photographic work, I show Nature as it really is, far from the comfort provided by our civilization: harsh conditions, unchained elements and hostile places to dwell in. My goal is to reconnect the viewer with what is our true global environment, the one that dictates the equilibrium on Earth.

Lots of information are available to raise awareness on how we are spoiling the planet we are often calling “our planet”. This information focus on climate change, massive disappearance of species…

But the game-changing approach parts from the fact that we are living on Earth as guests, that we are small, defenceless against the true power of Nature even with countless technological advances. We have to respect the planet, not for causes that move us but because our survival and wellbeing depends upon it. This is the root of all my work. 

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