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ON the brink of extinction

    Humanity takes for granted the friendly climate conditions we are experiencing on Earth. We are living in a fragile, ever-changing equilibrium that we are pushing to its limits, therefore we are forcing our environment to be no suitable for our future survival.


    For many possible reasons, we will have to migrate to another planet in a close or far future to survive.


    In my series Migration, every photography showcasts the landscape of a specific planet or satellite where we could have to migrate. By analyzing physically the features of all these celestial bodies, I render it as realistic as possible after a terraformation and after building an atmosphere for our colonization.

I want the viewer to see the beauty of these potential migration but especially to be bewildered and lose his bearings in front of a potential migration to the unknown.


    No specie in the history has lived forever on this planet, and humanity won’t make any exception.

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